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ALPHA-2 BioPellet Reactor On Sale
ALPHA-2 BioPellet Reactor

ALPHA-2 BioPellet Reactor

R 1,999 Sale R 2,500
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ALPHA-2 BioPellet Reactor

•Footprint: 15 * 18 CM
•Chamber Diameter: 10 CM
•Capacity: 1.3 L
•Height: 37 CM

The latest in BioPellet Reactor design from JNS.
The new Biopellet Reactors have a fluidizing plate design to help
keep the Biopellet  in suspension and evenly disperse the water
upwards, The reactor includes a special plate on the lid  to keep the
 Biopellets within the reactor without sponges.

• A class Acrylic Construction.
• Highly Efficient, Durable, Reliable.
• Simple to Set Up and Operate.


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