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CaribSea ReefCal 473ml

CaribSea ReefCal 473ml

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Brand: CaribSea

CaribSea ReefCal

Increases the calcium content for corals and invertebrates in seawater aquariums.
Contains no organic substances
Concentrated ionic calcium solution (100,000 mg)


Sea water aquariums should contain 420 mg of ionic calcium for optimal results and chemical stability. If the calcium value of your aquarium is within this range, a cap per 190 liters per day is sufficient to maintain acceptable levels. Scleractinia aquariums may need more ReefCal, while pure fish aquariums require a little less. Adjust your daily dose accordingly.
Natural seawater contains 360 mg to 400 mg calcium. You should take care that the value does not exceed 420 mg regularly or calcium precipitation may occur.
ReefCal is a calcium solution containing 100,000 mg of calcium and increases the calcium value per 95 liters of water by 5 mg per cap (5 ml). Use a high quality test kit for monitoring the calcium level in your aquarium.
The ingredients of CaribSea are purified water and calcium chloride.
For good and healthy skeletal growth corals need calcium, carbonations and small amounts of strontium. CaribSea Buffer Plus provides both carbonate ions and strontium for your aquarium.
We recommend Purple Up for the accelerated growth of violet corals, coral algae and scleractinia.
Phosphate in water can inhibit the growth of corals and calcareous algae, but this can be removed with the easy-to-use CaribSea Phos-buster.
Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Skin contact can lead to dry skin or irritation. Wash the skin for at least 1 minute. If this product gets into your eyes, the eye should be rinsed with water for 15 minutes. Contact a doctor if irritation persists.

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