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Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer On Sale
Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer

Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer

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New Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer is suitable for aquariums from 100 - 400l.Highly efficient cylinder shape. Emergency Overflow with water level indicator. Extremely quiet operation due to new hollow chamber floor. Extremely low power consumption (9watts). Quick and easy removal of the pump. Variable adjustable DC pump. 20.5 x 12,5 x 50.5 cm. For sumps with 15 to 25 cm water level. Made in Germany.

The Deltec 400i comes with some great safety features. Should the water level in the sump suddenly exceed the maximum depth for the skimmer, or the air feed becomes blocked, the new emergency overflow system prevents the collection cup from overflowing. As the water level rises within the protein skimmer the air feed to the pump will shut off automatically via the emergency overflow further reducing the chance of foam flooding the skimmer cup.

The base is a new hollow design where the water flows through to the level adjustment and indicator tubes. This new design feature means that water will exit the protein skimmer body from the lowest point greatly reducing the chance of micro bubbles escaping the body, increasing air- water contact time and also reducing noise and turbulence within the protein skimmer body.

Removing the pump for cleaning and maintenance can be achieved in 20 seconds, thus keeping the skimmer running at optimal efficiency is a breeze.

With the body of the skimmer being a cylinder and not tapered or conical shape, all the small air bubbles can rise unhindered, fully saturated and will only burst in the foam pot riser, adding to the efficiency and performance of Deltec skimmers

Product Details:

  • New footplace design allowing water to return through the footplate to aid degassing and reduce turbulence within the body
  • Highly efficient cylinder shape
  • New developed emergency overflow with water level indicator
  • Extremely quiet operation due to new hollow chamber floor
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Quick and easy removal of the pump
  • Variable adjustable DC pump

Technical Details:

  • Aquarium Size 100 to 400 litres
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 12,5 x 50.5 cm
  • Pump: Deltec DCC1
  • Power Consumption: 9 Watts with 350 liters of air (in normal operation)
  • For sumps with 15 to 25 cm water level


The Deltec Skimmer 400i is operated with the Deltec DCC1. With only 9 watts about 350 liters of air are generated.

Cleaning System

For the Deltec Skimmer 400i, there is an optional cleaning head system, whereby the inner standpipe is cleaned by deposits by turning the connection cup. If these deposits are not removed at regular intervals, the skimming performance is drastically reduced over time as foam bubbles burst prematurely at this layer and thus cannot contribute to water purification.

Cylindrical Shape

Thanks to the ergonomic cylinder shape, the Deltec Skimmer 400i achieves the best skimming results. The shape of the skimmer does not taper upwards. This allows the small air bubbles to rise unhindered, are fully saturated and burst only in the riser of the connection cup. From there, the collected broth can be discharged via a drain hose without having to take the connection cup.

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