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Micmol - Air Pro 900
Micmol - Air Pro 900
Micmol - Air Pro 900
Micmol - Air Pro 900
Micmol - Air Pro 900

Micmol - Air Pro 900

R 5,395

Introducing Air Pro Series β€” a perfect balance of high power exhausting and the extreme thinner magic of Aqua Air. The ultimate lighting style is here.


Full HD Spectrum. Cooperate with HD glass to restore every color of the LEDs, to take on an incredible level of detail and realism, for a more natural viewing experience.


Completely Output. Build in 2023 Latest 10 bands LED array, the spectrum presented with exceptional accuracy.


Elevate your viewing. Every aspect of Air Pro was designed with pros in mind. Standard bracket, hanging kits, and Pro Stand is no exception. Height, width, it’s completely adjustable, and stable without taking up much space, makes it perfect for any aquarium design.


iMicMol APP Controller

Easy to connect and control your light with your Phone. The newest UI design which is help to you to set the light quickly. There are two modes, Auto and Manual mode with 4 channels to make varies lighting settings. Lunar, lightning, cloudy, the rich settings to make the lighting become more powerful.


LEDs Power: 224 * 0.5W

Size: 35.4" * 6.5" * 1.6"
(90 * 16.5 * 1.5cm)

Packing:43" * 8.3"" * 2.4"
(110 * 21 * 6cm)

Shipping Weight: 5kg

6pcs Warm White CH A
4pcs White CH A
14pcs Cool White CH A
4pcs Deep Red CH A
56pcs Royal Blue CH B
28pcs Royal Blue CH B
28pcs Royal Blue CH C
28pcs Deep Blue CH C
8pcs Royal Blue CH D
16pcs Purple CH D
12pcs Green CH D
14pcs UV CH D

Bracket Coverage (length):

Standard for 90cm (36")

Min tank: 90cm (36")
Max tank: 110cm (43")


Whats in the box

Air Pro
App Controller
Standard Bracket
Power Adapter
Power Cord
User Manual
Optional Accessories

Pro Stand | Hanging Kits | Connect Kits

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