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Orphek - Upgrade Kit to Atlantik iCon - This product is import only

Orphek - Upgrade Kit to Atlantik iCon - This product is import only

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Orphek products are built to last. 

Orphek Solutions offer UPGRADE possibility. It means that if you have the previous versions of Atlantik and Atlantik Compact you can upgrade to our latest Atlantik models: The Atlantik iCon and the Atlantik iCon Compact.

You will keep the Atlantik body for many years to come because we care about your investment and we care about Nature as well.

By purchasing Orphek products you will save money considerably because you will use the same body over and over again.

Why Orphek recommends to upgrade the unit(s):

  • By upgrading to the new icon system you will be able to use Orphek's awesome App., compatible with both IOS and Android and totally free of charge.
  • Your new upgraded Atlantik iCon will have now 6 channels instead of 4.
  • It will be compatible with Wi-Fi with Bluetooth support – you won't need a gateway anymore.
  • You will have the first 10,000% dimming range control system of the world (0-100% and 0.01-1% ).
  • The new system will control the speed of the new fans according to the light percentage for better control cooling.
  • The new system will give you moon cycle, clouds, acclimation, a pre-installed program and jelly fish mode.

What upgrades Orphek offers you:

  • LED PCB (SPECTRUM): You can upgrade to the Atlantik iCon
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: You can upgrade to the Atlantik iCon control system
  • BOTH SPECTRUM & OPERATING SYSTEM: You can upgrade both spectrum and operating system to the Atlantik iCon spectrum & operating system
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