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Reef Factory - Smart wave wavemaker

Reef Factory - Smart wave wavemaker

R 4,270 - R 5,215

Smart Wave is Reef Factory’s New Range of Smart Wave-Making pumps

Reef Factory released five key electrical products last year and if this latest launch is anything to go by, they’ll do the same in 2024. Named Smart Wave, the new, compact puck-shaped wave pumps are small, powerful, and energy-efficient, and will be released in three sizes – 4000lph/1046gph, 10,000lph/2642gph, and 13,000lph/3434gph.

If you’ve been reefing longer than five minutes you’ll probably recognize these pumps as the Jecod ALW10, 20, and 30, Wi-Fi-compatible wave pumps which are already established in the market. Reef Factory has had Jebao tweak these however to connect and be controlled by the all-important Smart Reef App, as well as changing the driver and the flow patterns.

Smart Wave will come with four modes – Constant, Sine, Square, and Random, as well as (we are guessing,) output control within those modes and hopefully, Feed mode.

The Reef Factory product is available in three versions with different power levels:
Smart wave 10 – water flow rate 4000 L/h, power 10W
Smart wave 20 – water flow rate 10000 L/h, power 20W
Smart wave 30 – water flow rate 13000 L/h, power 30W

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