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Combo Deals!

Zetlight Qmaven II - Q-90 170w Marine LED light Unit

This Zetlight Qmaven Q6-90 170W LED 34.6" Reef Aquarium Light is a 3rd generation Zetlight Qmaven Light. It has a higher wattage and eight different …

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Aqamai KPS Wifi Wavemaker pump - Combo Offer - 2 pumps taken together

  • Dimensions - 63mm x 48mm (2.50 x 1.88 in) Very Small Footprint
  • Flow range  - 1400-4150 Liters per hour (370-1050gph)
  • Wattage - 4-10 Watts
  • Glass thi…

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MOW smart wavemaker pump combo (2 pumps including FREE delivery)

Buy 2 pumps together and receive a discount and FREE shipping!

Multiple wave patterns are available to choose from by using the controller or App inte…

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