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Ecotech Radion G6 PRO & BLUE



EcoTech is proud to introduce the Radion G6. The G6 furthers the success of the current Radion platform with impressive improve…

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AI Hydra 64 HD LED Reef Light - Black

Product Details

Brand: AI

Stock Availability: Online Exclusive

AI Hydra 64 HD Black

The All-New Hydra® 64HD and Hydra® 32HD are here with more of what yo…

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Insane Orphek OR3 + OSIX 60 offer On Sale

1 x OSIX 60 controller.

4 x OR3 60 plus 

  • Light bars are as follows:
  • 1 x Reef Day Plus
  • 1 x UV Violet
  • 1 x Blue Plus
  • 1 x Blue Sky
  • in SA and availabl…
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EcoTech Radion XR30 G5 Pro LED Light Fixture

Product Details

Brand: EcoTech

Stock Availability: Online Exclusive

The Best Keeps Getting Better

Radions are the standard in aquarium lighting for a rea…

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Deltec 1500i DC Protein Skimmer On Sale

Deltec 1500i DC Multi-stage power control protein skimmer with Manual Self Cleaning head. Highly efficient cylinder shape. Newly developed safety ove…

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Zetlight Qmaven II Q-120 220w LED marine light unit

This Zetlight Qmaven II Q6-120 210W LED 48" Reef Aquarium Light is a 2nd generation Zetlight Qmaven Light. This 2nd generation Qmaven Light can be op…

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Bubble Magus Curve B12 Protein Skimmer

Product Details

Brand: Bubble Magus

Stock Availability: Online Exclusive

Bubble Magus CURVE B12 Protein Skimmer

Pump : ROCK SP10000
Power : 220V/110V ,70W…

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Rossmont Skimer SX2000 On Sale

Rossmont Skimer SX2000

Only 1 In Stock

The Rossmont Skimers have a curved body with an external pump scheme. This slightly increases the overall size when compared to skimmers with an inte…

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JNS CO5 Protein Skimmer On Sale

JNS CO5 Protein Skimmer

Only 2 In Stock


  • Filtration Rating:
    up to 600 Gallons (light bioload)
    or 350 Gallons (heavy bioload)
  • Footprint: 16.6" x 13.8" or 20.1" x 10.7"
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Bubble Magus Curve B11 Protein Skimmer

Product Details

Brand: Bubble Magus

Stock Availability: Online Exclusive

Bubble Magus CURVE B11 Protein Skimmer

Pump : ROCK SP8000
Power : 220V/110V ,60W

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Super Reef Octopus In Sump Skimmer 10″ Protein Skimmer from Reef Octopus. High performance with quiet operation.

  • Rated for tanks up to 500 gallons
  • BRS …
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Deltec 1000i DC Protein Skimmer On Sale

Deltec 1000i DC Protein Skimmer with Manual Self Cleaning Head. New footplate design allowing water to return through the footplate to aid degassing …

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