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Bubble Magus Filter Roller Replacement Mats

Product Details

Brand: Bubble Magus

Replacement Filter Rolls for the Bubble Magus Sump Filter Roller Mats

3 Sizes Available

  • ARF-S
  • ARF-M (ARF-1 model…
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Orphek - Universal Atlantik LED Mounting Kit - Import only

Order here: Universal Atlantik LED Mounting Kit

Tank Mount Your Orphek Atlantik Lights!

Depending on your aquarium, you may need to mount your light of…

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Orphek Atlantik iCon Compact  - This product is import only">

Order here:">Atlantik iCon Compact 

Join our WhatsApp notifications group at the following link:">Orphek South Africa 

Orphek Atlantik iCon &am…

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Reefing Solutions lightbar - Import in basis only

The RS lighbars are available on an import basis

We can offer the following models:

  • RS Ocean Blue - 450nm, 475nm
  • RS Ocean Actinic - 410nm, 430nm, 450nm,…
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The new Orphek Atlantik iCon (Intelligent Connectivity) provides a full range of features you've never seen before! With a new App, improved air flow…

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Orphek Atlantik iCon  - This product is import only


Order here: Atlantik iCon 

Orphek Atlantik iCon & Atlantik iCon Compact LED Lighting for coral growth & color


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MQ-510 Full Spectrum Underwater LED PAR Meter (OPEN BOX)

Purchase a new Apogee MQ-510 PAR Meter and return it for a refund within 60 days, EVEN IF YOU HAVE USED IT!

Measure your lights PAR with an Apogee MQ-…

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Amazona 960 iCon - Full Spectrum - Fully Controllable">


According the Orphek, the new Amazonas 960 iCon is the star of Orphek Amazonas series LED fixtures and from the looks of it, we think they are …

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PopBloom RL90 WiFi

The price given is an approximate landed price based on an exchange rate of R19 to 1USD$

Please consult with me about the best option in order to quot…

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CaribSea South Seas Base Rock 18.1kg

Product Details

Brand: CaribSea

Surcharge: Courier Delivery (R120)

Super porous, super clean, super awesome!

Natural weathering processes form the fantas…

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Orphek - Upgrade Kit to Atlantik iCon - This product is import only

Order Here: Upgrade Kit to Atlantik iCon



Orphek products are …

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