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Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer On Sale

New Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer is suitable for aquariums from 100 - 400l.Highly efficient cylinder shape. Emergency Overflow with water level ind…

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PopBloom RL90 WiFi

The price given is an approximate landed price based on an exchange rate of R19 to 1USD$

Please consult with me about the best option in order to quot…

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Zetlight E3 24W Reef LED Light with Flex Neck

Zetlight E3 24W LED encourage growth of saltwater coral. Fin-shaped heatsink structure improves cooling performance and evenly spreads heat which inc…

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Zetlight E200S Macroalgae LED Ligh

  • e
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Custom Scheduling
  • IP64 Waterproof Rating

Growing algae in a refugium setting can help manage and combat reef tank nutrient issues, …

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Acrylic media Reactors - Hard Plumb

Hard plumbing media reactor with connection elbows 20mm.

HP MR 11040
Capacity: 3.5L
Size: 130x130x480mm

HP MR 15040
Capacity: 7L
Size: 190x190x550mm


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Bubble Magus Filter Sock Holder Brackets

The Bubble Magus Filter Sock Holder keeps filter socks secure and in place while retaining easy removal with an open notched front. Designed for 4 or…

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Aqamai KPS Wifi Wavemaker pump

  • Dimensions - 63mm x 48mm (2.50 x 1.88 in) Very Small Footprint
  • Flow range  - 1400-4150 Liters per hour (370-1050gph)
  • Wattage - 4-10 Watts
  • Glass thi…

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Controller module with 20 variable speed control settings.

Superior quality with ultra quiet operation.

High performance ceramics bearin…

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Deltec 1500i DC Protein Skimmer On Sale

Deltec 1500i DC Multi-stage power control protein skimmer with Manual Self Cleaning head. Highly efficient cylinder shape. Newly developed safety ove…

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New Zetlight ZN1050 Mini Tank Adjustable LED 3W

3 model, white, blue, white + blue

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Bubble Magus 4" Filter Socks

Bubble Magus 4" Filter Sock

NOTE: Bracket not included 

EcoTech Radion XR30 G5 Pro LED Light Fixture

Product Details

Brand: EcoTech

Stock Availability: Online Exclusive

The Best Keeps Getting Better

Radions are the standard in aquarium lighting for a rea…

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